Brad and Julie Boisen moved to Plankinton, South Dakota in 2002 with two small children in tow, opening Grand Ciel Lodge that same year.  While both had "real jobs,"  Grand Ciel became their passion and has flourished for more than 15 years.  They were determined to provide an authentic South Dakota hunt with all the amenities - a great venue, great food, great dogs and great service. That dedication has resulted in the loyalty of their many returning clients and the thrill of being featured in numerous sporting magazines and television shows.  

While Brad and Julie are still actively involved, now that the Boisen children, Drew and Shea are grown, the business has grown to include them as well as professional management and dog trainers.  Drew Boisen guides for the operation and provides year round caretaker services, Shea Boisen helps out when she has time off from her college studies. Corey Tart of Great Lakes Retreivers, along with his wife Samantha, provide management, lodge support, guiding and dog training services. 

Strong supporters of our military, Brad and Julie work actively with Wounded Warriors in Action, a 501C3 organization who supports our combat wounded purple heart veterans by providing world class outdoor sporting activities at no cost to the hero.  Grand Ciel hosts a WWIA event every year.